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February 2015


Bethel Lutheran Church

5821 John Avenue

Superior, WI 54880

Office Phone - 715-392-2033

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The Bethel Beacon February 2015




Lent begins in February. Ash Wednesday is Wednesday, February 18 and begins the season of Lent. The season of 40 days long. When determining the season of Lent, we do not count the Sundays during that season. It is a season of repentance. The hymns are more traditional. One teenager told me recently that he liked the music of Lent because it is more solemn and often in a minor key. How astute!

We worship midweek during Lent. This year again, our worship on Wednesday evenings; will be in the fellowship hall. We worship here as we acknowledge that the sanctuary is not the only place to worship. During Lent, we focus on repentance, but we also focus on fellowship. We will worship again around the tables. On each table will be a small cross; the arms of each cross will be draped with a purple stripe of cloth. Upstairs, in the sanctuary will be a large, rough cross, again, draped with a a purple cloth during Lent, black at Good Friday, and draped with white during the Easter season. 

On the first Sunday in Lent we will make some changes to our liturgy. We will begin worship with five minutes of silence. We will use this silence to prepare ourselves for Lent. There will be no music during this great silence. It will be a time to focus on what Christ has done for us, to pray for a whole five minutes, to center our lives on Christ. During this silence in the past there have been very few who cough, few babies crying or fussing. It is a time to center on Christ, to slow your breathing and to relax. In a world that constantly bombards us with sound, that silence will be rare, a focused silence.


Among Lutheran churches, there have always been midweek Lenten services. Usually they are in the

evening, but some are now also offering noontime services for those who fear to go out after dark in the

cold & icy northland. The worship services on Wednesday are more solemn and usually based on a

theme. It is a time to special music. Singers, instrumentalists; there is a whole series of times for you to

play or sing. Our evening services are a smaller group of people. We are a welcoming, non-threatening

group. Sign up to provide special music during these services.


We use Lent to prepare for Easter! Easter is that great time of resurrection. During the season of Lent,

focus on relationships . . . with each other . . . and with God. Use the evening worship times to focus on

preparing to meet God.


Prayers for Lent!

Pastor Gary




This month's Newsletter sponsorship:

In Honor of our granddaughter –

Isabelle, who turned 1 on January 31st.

By Mike and Judy Hagen




February Worship Services






February 1 - 9:00 a.m.


February 8 - 9:00 a.m.


February 15 - 9:00 a.m.


February 18 – 6:00 p.m. (Wed.)


February 22 - 9:00 a.m.


February 25 – 6:00 p.m. (Wed.)










Bethel Lutheran Church Council Minutes January 8, 2015


The Bethel Lutheran Church Council meeting was called to order by Vice President Dan Breneman at 7:05 p.m. Also present:

Pastor Gary Garnatz, Pam Askegaard, Adam Kuhlman, Delores Bartley, Byron Selbrede, Lorraine Urbaniak and Sue Connolly.

Pastor Gary opened with prayer and devotions: Mark 1: 4-11.

Motion was made by Delores and seconded by Sue to approve the December minutes as written. All in favor, approved.


Pastor's Report: Acts: Baptisms: Funeral: Brian Udean on December 29, 2014. Business: February Quarters: CASDA.

February Mission: Food pantry: items requested include: pasta, canned meats, fruits, vegetables. Annual Meeting will be

after church on January 25th, 2015. The agenda was presented by Pastor Gary and approved. Community Dinner will be

February 8 and September 13; Gary & Julia Blaisdell and Sue Connolly will head up the February 8 date. The Budget for the

coming year needs to be looked at and discussed. There was a small amount of discussion and Sue motioned and Adam

seconded and it was passed. New Council will be installed on February 1. Lent begins on February 18, the theme will be

on the Catechism. Easter will be on April 5. Discussion of the Sound System

Pastor Gary read a letter that was received in from a couple that was attending and had membership at Bethel, they

expressed a desire to discontinue. There is need of pulpit fill on January 18 which Sue Connolly has cared for.


Deacons Report: Discussion on Benevolences, the home-bound and the rest homes list as well as the January 18 pulpit fill.


Treasurer's Report: Had a real bad summer but with the fundraisers and Christmas donations and gifts we are at the

moment in excellent shape mostly.


Trustees Report: The web hosting was discussed and the problems of the page. Need to touch base with John Kolstad. An

update of the contract is in order and will cost $650 due by February 1.


Board of Parish Ed. Report: Andrea Buvarp is the only one on board need to find at least two other members.


BLCW: Discussion of the Christmas Social turn out. Discussion of the flooring of the fellowship hall. Set up the schedule for

the year of events and meetings.


Youth Report: none


Old Business: The youth wing door is being made by Superior Glass and just waiting on the glass by Superior Glass Inc.

The youth door will be cared for in the Spring of 2015 and to be brought up to code need a panic bar with the hopes of a

universal key compared to the current one we have. An architect has been consulted about the restroom facilities, project in

the hands of Gary Blaisdell.


New Business: Topics being discussed included: the webpage and finding a web hosting site that would be inexpensive,

the Lift having trouble (at the time of the meeting “ArrowLift” were working on it.) The need to create another long term

project list for the 2016 annual meeting.


Sue motion to adjourn, Delores seconded. Meeting adjourned at 7:50 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted, Pam Askegaard, Bethel Lutheran Church Council Secretary






Thank yous we have received here at church:


December 30, 2014

Dear Friends at Bethel Lutheran Church:

Thank you very much for your August 2014 donation of $1,000 to the Salvation Army.

We deeply appreciate the generosity of friends like you who are will to assist The Salvation Army in

helping others in Superior and Douglas County. Your gift helps The Salvation Army provide for the needs

of many less fortunate individuals and families in our community.

May God richly bless you today. Have a Happy New Year.

Sincerely yours,

David Clark, Major






December 29, 2014

Dear Gary,

Thank you so much for coordinating the Bethel Lutheran Church blood drive on Tuesday, December 16.

You had 10 people register for the blood drive and 8 were able to give blood. We deferred 2 people and

there was 1 first time donor.

As one unit of blood can help as many as three people, 24 patients could be benefiting from the units

collected at your blood drive.

Each week, Memorial Blood Centers needs the support of more than 2,400 donors to adequately supply

blood to area hospitals. Since less than 7% of the population donates blood on a regular basis, your

commitment is vital for local patients.


Please extend our heartfelt thanks to the donors at Bethel Lutheran Church. Blood donors are special

people for truly giving of themselves so that others might live.

Again, thanks for your hard work. Your enthusiasm and commitment are making a difference!


Katie Foley




January 2, 2015

Dear Sponsor,

Thank you so very much! Ya'll have a very Merry Christmas!

Sincerely, Your Adopt-A-Family




January 12, 2015

Dear Friends at Bethel Lutheran Church:

Thank you very much for your generous donation of $1,000 to the Salvation Army.

We deeply appreciate the generosity of friends like you who are will to assist The Salvation Army in

helping others in Superior and Douglas County. Your gift helps The Salvation Army provide for the needs

of many less fortunate individuals and families in our community.

May God richly bless you today.

Sincerely yours,

David Clark, Major




January 16, 2015

Bethel Lutheran Church,

Thank you so much for your monetary contribution to Bryant Elementary School. We are always so

thankful for your support! We are saving up to purchase a projector to mount in our gym and this money

will help with that project.


Kate Tesch, principal


January 16, 2015


On behalf of Northwest Wisconsin Community Services Agency, Inc. thank you so much for your kind

donation toward the support of the Solid Rock Safe Haven program. Your contribution is greatly

appreciated and will assist us in meeting the needs of the less fortunate.


Millie Cl Rounsville, CEO



January 15, 2015

Dear Bethel Lutheran Church Members:

Thank you for your recent gift of $250 to Harbor House Crisis Shelters. Your support is deeply


Thanks to your generosity, we will meet our mission to provide hospitable shelter, transitional living and

services for homeless women and families.

Yesterday, one of our Transitional Living Center residents stopped in to thank us for the great Christmas

she had because of the generosity of the community. She said, “I was not expecting anyone to care

whether or not I had anything for Christmas. Thank You.” Your support shows care and hope.

Thank you again for helping HHCS be a source of change.

Grace and Peace,

Rev. Barb Certa-Werner

Happy New Year! Blessings to you!







List of who gave Christmas Gifts to Bethel.

Doris Glonek, Sue Connolly, Eleanor Paulson, Doris Lindberg, Ron & Karen Vendela, Clarence & Alice Mattson,

Bill and Sandy Sanda, Debbie & Tom Lach, Lorraine Urbaniak, Cliff & Pam Schultz, Gladys Wallin, Anna & Doug Pearson,

Butch & Kathy Krisak, Byron & Dolly Selbrede, Joyce Klick, Jenny & Mike Rose, Steve & Lynda Radzak,

Mike & Kirstie Zauhar, Gary & Faith Garnatz, Dick & Jane Staupe, Richard & Sally Boya,

Anonymous (In honor of their children and grandchildren), Joan Nikstad,

Doug & Diane Allen, Bill & Robin Cich, Lisa & Andy Persons, Lois Nelson, Kay & Don Mattson and Lynn & Dave Bergstedt.

A grand total of $3,760 was given. Thank you to everyone for your special Christmas gift to Bethel.




An Update from the FRC!!!!!


Well, you did it again! The soup, chili and oyster stew dinner was a big success. We brought in $548.50. A great big thanks

to all those who donated the food and their time with set up and clean up. We couldn't have done it without our Bethel

Family. Unfortunately there were no pearls found in the oyster stew (yum!) Maybe next year.


So, now, we're looking forward to the Mardi Gras theme of our Fat Tuesday Spaghetti Feed on Tuesday, February 17th from

4:30 to 6:30. We're planning some entertainment & a few more surprises. The tickets will be $8.00 per person and children

under 5 are free. From now until then we will have a bin in the fellowship hall if anyone would like to donate spaghetti

sauce, spaghetti noodles, Parmesan cheese. Or a cash donation will be accepted to help with the cost of ground beef, bread,

etc. The FRC is getting excited about the planning & it will hopefully be an annual doing.

Thanks again and remember to always keep a song in your heart.


Yours in Christ,

The FRC (Fund Raising Committee)






February Sunday Service Bible Readings


February 1 – Fourth Sunday After the Epiphany

Psalm 111

1st Lesson: Deuteronomy 18: 15-20

2nd Lesson: 1 Corinthians 8: 1-13

Gospel: Mark 1: 21-28


February 8 – Fifth Sunday After the Epiphany

Psalm 147: 1-11, 20

1st Lesson: Isaiah 40: 21-31

2nd Lesson: 1 Corinthians 9: 16-23

Gospel: Mark 1: 29-39


February 15 – Transfiguration of Our Lord

Psalm 50: 1-6

1st Lesson: 2 Kings 2: 1-12

2nd Lesson: 2 Corinthians 4: 3-6

Gospel: Mark 9: 2-9


February 22 – First Sunday in Lent

Psalm 25: 1-10

1st Lesson: Genesis 9: 8-17

2nd Lesson: 1 Peter 3: 18-22

Gospel: Mark 1: 9-15




February Assistants


Lectors – 9:00 a.m service


February 1 – Jann Newman

February 8 – Mary Ann Katzmark

February 15 – Melinda Laakkonen

February 22 – Joyce Klick


Lectors – 6:00 p.m Lent service


February 18 – Delores Bartley

February 25 – Joyce Klick


Altar Guild:

Bonnie Newman and Jann Newman


Communion Assistants:

Theresa Lull and Joyce Klick






Attendance & Offering



December 14 92 $2,185.91

December 21 111 $3,949.46

December 24 190 $2,679.00

December 28 51 $ 880.11

January 4 78 $3,189.67

January 11 75 $1,650.00

* Needed each week to make our 2014 proposed budget is $3,391.








February Acolytes


9:00 a.m. Worship


February 1 – Derrick Mattson and Jeff Newman

February 8 – Abby Dolsen and Michael Strong

February 15 – Ari Persons and Ali Malec

February 22 – Luke Persons and Ali Malec


6:00 p.m. Wednesday Evening Lent Worship


February 18 – Derrick Mattson and Luke Persons

February 25 – Jeff Newman and Abby Dolsen





February Mission

Our February mission will be to collect foods for the food pantry. Needed are canned meats, vegetables &

fruits, pasta, and peanut butter. Bring the groceries and put them in the tub in the narthex and they will

be delivered to the food pantry at the end of the month.





February Quarters

Quarters put into the offering plates in February will go to CASDA. CASDA provides safety & support for

victims of abuse. Please be generous with your quarters.





Community Dinner

Bethel will serve the community dinner at Faith United Methodist Church on Sunday, February 8. There is

a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board by the coffee window. Help is needed with set-up, for serving, and

for clean-up. The dinner begins at 4:00. We need several cakes for dessert as well. Gary & Julia Blaisdell

and Sue Connolly will head this up. Our cook will be Terri Mehtala.





Council Installation

Our 2015 council and all elected officials of the church will be installed on Sunday, February 1 at our 9:00

worship service. Council members will pledge to be active in service here at Bethel







Remember to keep the following families in your prayers:

Brian Udean who passed away on December 20, 2014 and his funeral was here at Bethel on December 29th.

Kenneth Udean who passed away on January 6, 2015 and his funeral was here at Bethel on January 12, 2015.

Blessed be their memories.







Bible Study

The Bible Study group will meet on Tuesday evening, February 3 at 6:00 in the fellowship hall. We will be

reading Acts 12 and discussing this passage. All are welcome to come for discussion and for questions.






Lent begins on February 18th. During the season of Lent, our liturgy will change. We do not sing alleluia

during Lent. Instead of singing alleluia before the reading of the holy gospel, we will sing the Lenten

hymn, Return to the Lord (Joel 2:13). Instead of the hymn of praise, we will sing another lenten hymn,

LBW #102. Instead of confessing the Apostle's Creed we will confess our faith using the Nicene Creed.

We will begin the season of Lent with five minutes of silence on Sunday, February 22 as we center our

thoughts on the cross of Jesus.


The Lenten cross will be up during Lent. During the days of Lent, it will be draped with purple cloth.

Midweek services will be held in the basement again this year. Our focus will be on the catechism. Soup

suppers begin at 5:00 the Wednesdays of Lent. Worship begins at 6:00. The choir will rehearse following



Lent begins rather early this year. The start of Lent is dependent on the day of Easter. Easter is always

the first Sunday after the full moon which happens upon, or the next day after the twenty-first day of

March. If the full moon happens on a Sunday, Easter is the following Sunday. It's much easier to look on

the calendar!





Soup Suppers

Soup suppers are served during Wednesdays in Lent. There is a sign-up sheet by the coffee window.

Families or groups of families may sign up to provide soup, bread or sandwiches, and dessert. Will you or

a group of friends sign up to serve soup?





Music Sign Up

A sign up sheet is up in the dining room for special music during our Wednesday evening Lenten services.

We will eat soup around the tables beginning at 5:00 on Wednesday nights and worship around the

tables at 6:00. This year our focus for the Wednesday night services will be on the catechism. We would

like to have special music during the evening service, too. Will you sing a solo, sing in a small group, play

your instrument?