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Newsletter - January 2015

Bethel Lutheran Church
5821 John Avenue
Superior, WI 54880
Office Phone - 715-392-2033
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The Bethel Beacon January 2015


It snowed last night. When I got up this morning and went out to bring in the paper, the whole neighborhood was blanketed in snow. It was early enough that there were no tracks in the snow on what would normally be our sidewalks. Yes, the snow plow had gone through on John Avenue, trying to make the world in artificial order. It wouldn't be long before the neighbors would be out shoveling, getting their snow blowers out to make their mark on this gift of God. But for a moment, I stood on the front porch and marveled at the world was so peaceful, almost as if God had sent us the gift of snow to cover some of the ugliness of our world.

The unbroken white blanket did not last long. Plows rumbled by and the buses made their way to Bryant school. Neighborhood kids walked to Bryant or walked by on the sidewalk to catch the bus on the corner of 58th & John.  Snowmobiles and four wheelers raced down the alley. Shovels scraped the sidewalks clear. As man tried to put the neighborhood back into order, God would have the last laugh. Almost when the sidewalks & roads were clear, it started snowing again! God is in charge of our world, and even when we try to put our artificial imprints on the world, God is still in charge.

In these days of deep darkness, it is good to know that God is in charge of our world. Yes, we try to make order out of this world, but God will have the final say. We try to live our lives according to an artificial set of rules . . . and he comes to us with grace . . . so much like the snow that covers our world, bringing beauty to our troubled world, crisscrossed by our track. But God showers on us the gift of grace, turning our world white, the color of purity. 

As we begin a new year, take a moment to give God thanks for all of the opportunities of this new year. The year 2015 lies before us like an unbroken field of new fallen snow. Soon there will be trails in that snow, footprints & tracks, signs of man approaching. What will this new year bring? New birth? New family? New traditions? Join us on a Sunday morning as we look forward to the new year. Join us as we look to our relationship to God and to others. Join us as we pray for our community of faith, for our community called Superior. Join us as we pray for one another. 

It snowed last night. Yes the weatherman predicted it, but it was still a gift of grace to go out this morning and see a new world. I chose to see the beauty of the snow, to see each flake as a sign of God's grace. Others might see it as just another job to be done & grumble. As we enter this new year, may we all be blessed by snow-showers of God's grace that will fall into your life, ready or not!

Happy New Year!

Pastor Gary


January 2015

This month's Newsletter sponsorship:
Happy New Year to Everyone!!!
From Roger and Sandy Breitzmann

January Worship Services
January 4 - 9:00 a.m.
January 11 - 9:00 a.m.
January 18 - 9:00 a.m.
January 25 - 9:00 a.m.


Bethel Lutheran Church Council Minutes December 11, 2014

The Bethel Lutheran Church Council meeting was called to order by President Ron Askegaard at 7:00 p.m. Also present: Pastor Gary Garnatz, Pam Askegaard, Adam Kuhlman, Delores Bartley, Byron Selbrede, Lorraine Urbaniak, June Askegaard, Theresa Lull, Joyce Klick, Sue Connolly and Dan Breneman.

Pastor Gary opened with prayer and devotions: Matthew 3: 1-3

Motion was made by Dan and seconded by Delores to approve the November minutes as written. All in favor, approved.

Pastor's Report: Acts: Baptisms: Forrest Everett Kuhlman on November 26, Walter Michael Rose on November 30 and Wilbert Tuomi on December 2. 

Funeral: Wilbert Tuomi on December 9. 


January Quarters: Heat Bill. 

January Mission: Peanut Butter and Jelly Collection. Adopt-a-family is a mother and four children. Delores was authorized to give a $100 Super One gift card. The gift list was out in

the foyer. Gifts will be brought to the Armory on December 17. Service of Lessons and Carols will be on December 14. Sunday School Program will be after church on December 21. Christmas Eve Services will be at 4:00 p.m. And 10:00 p.m. Nominating Committee consists of two deacons and two trustees. They are Theresa Lull, Joyce Klick, Adam Kuhlman and Byron Selbrede. Bloodmobile will be here December 16, from 3:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. Andrea is rehabilitating at St. Eligius Health Center. Prayers and hopes are that she will be back for the Christmas program to enjoy. Faith will play for services. Some choir will be accompanied by CD, we hope to have her back at

Christmas time. Facebook page is being managed by Adam Kuhlman. Annual Meeting will be after church on January 25, 2015. Annual Reports are due in the office by January 4, 2015. Budget Meeting in December will consist of the Trustees, President and the Treasurer and is scheduled for December 28 after church service. Lefse After the initial November 29 Lefse class fund-raiser brought in $250 to the general fun; another round of making lefse on December 13 during the Bake Sale. Offering Envelopes for 2015 are ready to be picked up.

Deacons Report: Discussion on the home-bound list and visitations to the rest homes.

Treasurer's Report: The finances are getting better with fund-raisers and Christmas donations gifts – we are staying in the black mostly.

Trustees Report: The youth wing door is being made by Superior Door and just waiting on the glass by Superior Glass Inc. An architect has been consulted about the restroom facilities. 

Board of Parish Ed. Report: The material for the Sunday School program will take place after service on December 21. 

BLCW: The ladies hosted Christmas Social, December 7 at 2:00 p.m. No December meeting in lieu of this event. It was suggested to combine the Sunday School program with the BLCW program next year. 

Youth Report: New Pop Machine has a price of 50 cents a can and does take $1 dollar bills and gives change. It is in regular use, the size being bigger with 8 varieties, Dale and Lou Kuhlman fill the pop and all profits to the youth fund. 

Old Business: 

New Business: Budget meeting date set for December 28 after church service. At meeting time Nominating committee was close to being done filling seats the spots left were parish ed. 

Byron motion to adjourn, Delores seconded. Meeting adjourned at 7:35 p.m. 

Respectfully Submitted, Pam Askegaard, Bethel Lutheran Church Council Secretary


List of who purchased flowers for Our Christmas Eve Worship.  Thank you to all – the church looked beautiful!

Poinsettias Given In Memory of:

Arndt & Ethel Nelson and Kendall & Lois M. Nelson given by Lois I Nelson

Danny Ryan given by Roger & Kathy Krisak

Jerry Dalbec and Eileen & Lewis James given by Julie Dalbec

Maynard Wallin & Marlene Doyle given by Gladys and family

Gregory Klick given by His Family

Loved Ones given by Eleanor Paulson

Kenneth & Jim given by Doris Lindberg

Arvid and Kyle Hagen given by Phyllis Hagen

Theresa & David Ritchie and Laura & Herb Breitzmann and

Gladys & John Olson given by Shelley Breitzmann and Bill Ritchie

Ruth & Clyde Albright and Sherry Albright given by Don Albright

Paul Nikstad, John & Palma Krisak and Helmer & Gunhild Nikstad given by Joan Nikstad

Oscar & Alma Mattson and Wylie & Marjorie Tutor given by Clarence & Alice Mattson 

Family and Friends given by Betty Sislo

Poinsettias Given in Honor Of:

Joyce Klick given by Bob & Heidi LaFlamme

My Family & Friends given by Sue Connolly

Joyce Klick given by John, Holly and Heaven

The Choir, Andrea and Faith given by Jen & Adam Kuhlman

Joyce Klick given by Ed, Hally, Eathon, Ariel, Neal, Austin and Desera

The Wreaths on the front of the church were donated in memory of Myron, Dallas and Roger Garnatz by their family.

The Cross Wreath by the Sunday School door were donated by Julie & Tim McLaren and Tyler Kiminski in memory of Jim Bartley



We're Back!! That's right. The FRC (Fund Raising Committee) is planning another event. You know, idle hands are the devil's workshop. 

On Wednesday, January 14th from 4:30 – 7:00 p.m. We will be having a Homemade Soup & Chili Supper. Along with other homemade soups we will be featuring Dan & Sue's infamous Oyster Stew. All extra, will be included (cheese, crackers etc.) plus dessert & beverage. There will be a free will offering. Proceeds will go to Bethel's General Fund and The Relay for Life team. 

As long as we're chatting, have we told you lately how proud we are of you, the Bethel family? The Christmas Cookie/Bake/Craft Sale was a HUGE success. We're already planning for next years. We took in around $1,500. That sure will help with the church's winter bills & the Relay for Life team was pleased with their portion. We couldn't do it without you. 

A Special thanks to Jen for the piped in Christmas music and the great aroma of bread baking. To Jane Pederson for all the Lefse she made on the spot, To Alayna and Andrew for taking pictures with & without Santa, and a very special thanks to the FRC (Fund Raising Committee) for their endless work setting this whole thing up (Pam S., you were inspirational as usual). 

Thanks again Bethel for coming through for us. There's more fun coming up in the near future. 

Your Friends in Christ,

The FRC  (Sue, Theresa, Pam, Cari, Faith, with Lorraine & Adam advisers) 


January Sunday Service Bible Readings

January 4 – Second Sunday After Christmas

Psalm 147: 12-20

1st Lesson: Jeremiah 31: 7-14

2nd Lesson: Ephesians 1: 3-14

Gospel: John 1: 1-18

January 11 – Baptism of Our Lord, Psalm 29

1st Lesson: Genesis 1: 1-5

2nd Lesson: Acts 19: 1-7

Gospel: Mark 1: 4-11

January 18 – Second Sunday After the Epiphany, Psalm 139: 1-6, 13-18

1st Lesson: 1 Samuel 3: 1-20

2nd Lesson: 1 Corinthians 6: 12-20

Gospel: John 1: 43-51

January 25 – Third Sunday After the Epiphany, Psalm 62: 5-12

1st Lesson: Deuteronomy 18: 15-20

2nd Lesson: 1 Corinthians 7: 29-31

Gospel: Mark 1: 14-20


January Assistants

Lectors – 9:00 a.m service

January 4 - Eathon Basinski

January 11 - Scott Bartley

January 18 - Pam Schultz

January 25 - Joyce Klick


Altar Guild:

June Askegaard


Communion Assistants:

Sue Connolly and Joyce Klick


January Acolytes

9:00 a.m. Worship

January 4 – Ali Malec and Ari Persons

January 11 – Jeff Newman and Michael Strong

January 18 – Luke Persons and Abby Dolsen

January 25 – Derrick Mattson and Jeff Newman


Attendance & Offering 

November 16 88, $2,582.34

November 23 73, $1,144.00

November 26 (Wed.) 49, $ 447.00

November 30 87, $1,600.40

December 7 79, $3,051.30

* Needed each week to make our 2014 proposed budget is $3,391.



Bethel now has a YouTube channel. People can either search for Bethel Lutheran-Superior WI (on the YouTube page) or go to this address: After a month if we get enough people to click the subscribe button on the YouTube channel then we can get more personalized (and easy to type) YouTube address. Check it out!


Dear Bethel Lutheran Church Members:

Thank you for your recent gift of $250 to Harbor House Crisis Shelters. Your support is deeply appreciated. Thanks to your generosity, we will meet our mission to provide hospitable shelter, transitional living and services for homeless women and families. 

Sometimes it is difficult to remain positive when everything around you feels like it is falling apart. It is also a struggle to maintain clear thoughts when you are bombarded with demands. A huge part of what Harbor House Crisis Shelters provides is time to think; time to reflect; to act; time to fill our applications and return phone calls time to make a plan; and time to move forward. Our life skill enhancement program helps guests develop the skills so that when life seems overwhelming there are life skills to deal with it effectively. 

Thank you again for helping Harbor House Crisis Shelters be a source of change.

Grace and Peace,

Rev. Barbara Certa-Werner

We are blessed by your support!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Thank You!!

Thank you so very much to Jane Pederson for offering to head up Lefse making as a Fund-Raiser for Bethel.  Thank you for the people that showed up and were able to learn and help.  Pastor Gary, Lois Nelson, Betty Sislo, Mary Ann Katzmark, Phyllis Hagen, Eathon Basinski, LaVonne Mehtala and Joyce Klick. We enjoyed working with Jane on Saturday the 29th of November. Also thank you to all the people who ordered it. A Special Thanks to Jane who made most of the Lefse herself. What a wonderful job was done!!

Dear Pastor and Bethel Congregation,

From the bottom of our hearts, Merry Christmas to each and everyone of you. Thank you for supporting our mission to keep children out of dental pain.

God Bless

Warmly, Stacey and the staff at Just Kids Dental


January Quarters 

Quarters put into the offering plates in January will go toward the heat bill. Please be generous with your quarters as we heat our buildings.


Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of Bethel Lutheran Church will take place on Sunday, January 25, 2015 at 10:30 in the fellowship hall. Bethel's Youth will be serving coffee & goodies this day. Plans are to have your reports in (Deacon's report is already in) by January 4th so that they can be printed & ready to hand out by Sunday, January 18. This will give people time to look them over before the meeting. If you need to furnish a report, please be timely. Thank You!

Bible Study

The Bible study group will be meeting on Tuesday evening, January 6 at 6:00. Please read for this meeting Acts 11 as we look at the spread of the Christian church to the Gentiles. Come with insights & questions as we  discuss Acts 11.


On Wednesday, November 26th Forrest Everett Kuhlman was baptized. He was born on June 2, 2014 in Duluth, MN. His parents are Adam & Jen (Krisak) Kuhlman. Sponsors were Jessie Kuhlman and Randy Graber.

Baptized on Sunday, November 30th was Walter Michael Rose. He was born on May 25, 2014 in Duluth, MN. His parents are Michael & Jenny (Sanda) Rose. Sponsors were William & Carrie Sanda, Marjorie Rose and Aaron & Amber Anderson.

Baptized on December 2 at St. Mary's Hospital, Superior, WI was Wilbert Oliver Tuomi.

Snow Shoveling

Matt Davey continues to shovel our walks. Other people occasionally stop by to do a bit of shoveling. If you notice that the walks are icy, please stop into the office to let the staff know so grit or ice melt can be put on the area. Scott Bartley continues to plow our parking area. Thank you Scott and Matt!

Offering Envelopes

the 2015 offering envelopes have been ready for you to pick up since mid December. Please don't start using them until after the 1st of the year. The initial offering envelope that is in the beginning of your box is to help with the cost of ordering the envelopes. They are about $400 this year. Any offerings received after December 31st will be put on the following years statements. 

Financial Statements for 2014 should be available the second Sunday in January. You will be able to pick yours up at church. Those not picked up by the end of the month will be mailed.


Wilbert “Willie” Tuomi passed away on December 3. His funeral was here at Bethel on December 9th. Blessed be his memory.

January Mission

Our January mission will be to collect peanut butter and jelly. There are people who hunger here in Superior. Traditionally we collect peanut butter & Jelly for the food pantry during this month. Usually we bring in almost 200 jars of peanut butter & Jelly. Can we reach that total in this new year?