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May 2016



Bethel Lutheran Church


5821 John Avenue


Superior, WI 54880


Office Phone - 715-392-2033


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The Bethel Beacon May 2016










We have had the kickoff dinner for our 125th Anniversary year. We will continue celebrating for a full year. The big celebration will be on October 23, 2016. Our bishop Richard Hoyme will be with us. What is now Bethel Lutheran Church was organized here in the South Superior on October 24, 1891. A group of about ten women had begun a Ladies Aid. When they first met, each of the ten women gave a dollar in order to buy material to make aprons & pillow cases for their first bazaar and the proceeds from this bazaar totaled $48.30. Eventually these ten women convinced their husbands of a need for a church of Scandinavian origin. The First Norwegian-Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church was organized on October 24, 1891 and worship services were held at the Lake City Boarding House and four other rented store buildings in South Superior for those first few years. On October 29, 1898 this small congregation bought a defunct Baptist church building at 5821 John Avenue and this congregation finally had a place to call home. Wooden chairs provided seating and the floors were bare wooden boards. Like so many buildings in South Superior, the building had no basement and was built on pilings. By 1920 these pilings were in such bad shape that the building was raised seven feet and a concrete & stucco basement was added. A full basement with eleven foot ceilings was added at a cost of under $4,000. Plumbing was added a year later.




In the 1960's two smaller Lutheran congregations south of Superior were in the process of dissolving. On June 3, 1963, the Borea Congregation dissolved and members were invited to join the Bethel Congregation. After a few years of providing pastoral assistance to Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Patzau it was dissolved in January of 1966 and they, too, were invited to join Bethel.




In its early years, Bethel was united with several congregations for pastoral services. Prior to 1917 Bethel was affiliated with Concordia. In 1917 Bethel joined with Billings Park, Borea and Iron River to form a parish. In 1940 the parish was reorganized and Bethel had its first full time pastor who occasionally served Borea and Patzau.




There have been many changes at Bethel these last 125 years. In 1907 this congregation's name was change to Bethel. We have had many shared pastors throughout the years. In 1921 there were only 17 voting members of Bethel Lutheran Church. Our buildings have changed; our ministry has changed. What will be our area of service in these next 25 years?




Yours in Christ!


Pastor Gary

















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May 2016





This month's Newsletter sponsorship:











May Worship Services


May 1 - 9:00 a.m.

May 8 - 9:00 a.m.

May 15 – 9:00 a.m.

May 22 - 9:00 a.m.

May 29 - 9:00 a.m.



















Easter Flowers update this




Thank you to those who sponsored flowers at Easter. They made our church look so pretty for our Easter Worship!


Given in Memory of:


Husband, Carl; Son, Carl and family by Eleanor Paulson


Our Parents – Oscar & Alma Mattson and Wylie & Margarie Tutor by Clarence and Alice


Dallas, Roger and Myron Garnatz by Gary & Faith Garnatz


Clyde & Marina Southwick by Mickey & Carolyn Brand and Nancy Anderson


Gregory Klick by His Family


Arndt & Ethel Nelson and Kendall & Lois M. Nelson by Lois I Nelson


Our Parents & Grandparents by Ray, Marcy & Matthew Huehn


Grandma Gem and Grandma Betty by Mickey & Carolyn Brand and Nancy Anderson


Wilbert Tuomi by Harriet Tuomi and Family


Maynard Wallin and Marlene Doyle by Gladys & family


Arvid Hagen by Phyllis & family


father – Clarence “Kelly” Vendela, sister-in-law – Angie Vendela by Ron & Karen Vendela


Ron & Marlene Anderson by Mickey & Carolyn Brand and Nancy Anderson






In Honor of:


My Children and Grand-children by Sue Connolly.


Parents – Alice & Clarence Mattson, Lucille Vendela by Ron & Karen Vendela




Thank you again for making our church look so lovely!
















Bethel Lutheran Church Council Minutes April 14, 2016




The Bethel Lutheran Church Council meeting was called to order by President Ron Askegaard at 7:00 p.m. Also present: Pastor Gary Garnatz, Pam Askegaard, Delores Bartley, June Askegaard, Lorraine Urbaniak, Sue Connolly, Byron Selbrede, Theresa Lull, Dan Breneman and Mike Spinner.




Pastor Gary opened with prayer and devotions: Hebrews 13: 8.




Motion was made by Delores and seconded by Mike to approve the March minutes as written. All in favor, approved.




Pastor's Report: Acts: Baptims: Aiden James DeGraef and Jameson Wylie DeGraef on March 20, 2016. Funeral: Vanessa Allen on March 25, 2016. Business: May Quarters: Douglas County Humane Society. May Mission: Harbor House in need of pillows, sheets, blankets, paper products, cleaning supplies. Lent Services review attendance: 47-35-49-40-45-25 = 40 on average. Ice cream Social June 22 to kick off our 7 weeks of Summer Mid-week services. June 22, 29, July 6, 13, 20, 27 and August 3. Anointing Service and kick off of centennial year on April 24th. Directory on April 5-9; 110 units took with only 4 no shows. Well done Pam Schultz!! Administrative Professional Day on Wednesday, April 27. Bathroom Remodel Construction is mostly done. The rooms have switched sides watch the signage, getting a changing table in the ladies room. The 125th Anniversary letters have gone out to former pastors. Dean Desilet will be coming in late summer; Bishop Richard Hoyme will be here October 23. Rummage Sale scheduled for July 15 & 16. We are in need of someone to head this event. Church Picnic at Pattison Park on August 7.




Deacons Report: Home-bound and Rest Home list is very short. Benevolence list, lectors and anointing service were discussed.




Treasurer's Report: The finances are in the black currently




Trustees Report: Repairs to the Parsonage garage: a window has two gun shots. Light fixture and leaking toilet at parsonage. Mike and Byron to work on these projects.




Board of Parish Ed. Report: No Holy Commotion on May 29th. Instead will combine it with the Sunday School celebration on May 22nd.




BLCW: Planning the Mother's Day Celebration. We are providing the ham and buns for the Centennial Potluck.




Youth Report: Donated Easter Breakfast donations to the Bathroom fund.




Old Business: None




New Business: None




Dan motioned to adjourn, Delores Seconded. Meeting adjourned at 7:45 p.m.


Lord's Prayer.




Respectfully Submitted, Pam Askegaard, Bethel Lutheran Church Council Secretary




































































May Sunday Service Bible Readings




May 1 – Sixth Sunday of Easter


Psalm 67


1st Lesson: Acts 16: 9-15


2nd Lesson: Revelation 21: 10, 22-22:5


Gospel: John 5: 1-9




May 8 – Seventh Sunday of Easter


Psalm 97


1st Lesson: Acts 16: 16-34


2nd Lesson: Revelation 22: 12-14, 16-17,20-21


Gospel: John 17: 20-26




May 15 – Day of Pentecost


Psalm 104: 24-35


1st Lesson: Genesis 11: 1-9


2nd Lesson: Acts 2: 1-21


Gospel: John 14: 8-17, 25-27




May 22 – The Holy Trinity


Psalm 8


1st Lesson: Proverbs 8: 1-4, 22-31


2nd Lesson: Romans 5: 1-5


Gospel: John 16: 12-15






May 29 – Second Sunday after Pentecost


Psalm 96: 1-9


1st Lesson: 1Kings 8: 22-23, 41-43


2nd Lesson: Galatians 1: 1-12


Gospel: Luke 7: 1-10



May Assistants




Lectors – 9:00 a.m service




May 1 – Cari Reder


May 8 – Carolyn Brand


May 15 – Sue Connolly


May 22 – Pam Schultz


May 29 – Adam Kuhlman








Altar Guild: Cari Reder and Kay Mattson






Communion Assistants: Theresa Lull and Sue Connolly











Attendance & Offering




March 16 (Wed.) 25 $ 220.10


March 20 93 $1,910.42


March 24 (Maundy Thursday) 39 $ 183.00


March 25 (Good Friday) 55 $ 446.00


March 27 (Easter – 6:30 a.m.) 40


March 27 (Easter – 9:00 a.m.) 125 $3,118.58


April 3 64 $3,028.66


April 10 74 $3,387.64


  • * Needed each week to make our 2016 proposed budget is $3,460.













May Acolytes




9:00 a.m. Worship


May 1 – Luke Persons and Ari Persons


May 8 – Kayla Sirard and Abby Dolsen


May 15 – Ali Malec and James Zauhar


May 22 – Garrett Lickiss and Abby Dolsen


May 29 – Kayla Sirard











Sunday School Attendance (students & teachers) and Offering




March 20 ?? $ 2.00


March 27 no Sunday school


April 3 18 $ 25.05


April 10 23 $21.00























125th Anniversary Committee Asks . . . .


Were you married at Bethel? Our records indicate the first marriage as the First Norwegian-Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church took place on September 17, 1893, they did not have a permanent building yet. Odin Oien and Marit Peterson exchanged vows . Did they follow Norwegian tradition? Was the groom wearing a bunda, outfit of top coat, vest and short pants? Her dress could be any color, depending on the hand weaving expertise of the family, she might also wear the bride crown made of silver or gold with a circle of tiny bangles that create a sweet tinkling noise when she moves to ward off evil spirits.




I can only guess at the finer details, records do not tell the whole story. Would you think back to your wedding day at Bethel and tell us about it? We would like to create a scrap book to be kept in the Church library for future historians. You can pick up a registration form at the church or on line at




Committee also would lke to announce other events;


Bethel T-shirts should be ready for sale or already on sale, get yours! This is a fund-raiser for the fun things the committee has planned.




June – a bike/walk ride is in the planning stage, put on your athletic shoes and come along.




July 16 – South End Days will be happening, we plan to have a booth set up with various activities. Praying for a warm sunny day, come out in the community.




August – Pattison Park Church Service with Pot Luck. Maybe some games this year!




October 23 – Bishop Hoyme will speak at the 9:00 service, with a special blessing for marriages past and present. Also the conclusion of the “Were you married at Bethel?” drawing to be announced.




Also your pictorial directory will be available by August. Thank you Pam for organizing this history of Bethel. Job well done!











Thank You!!!


We would like to thank the youth group of this wonderful church and all their hard work that they do. All the kids work together as a team and want to help out without even being asked to do it. This group of young adults are awesome and Bethel is so lucky to have such amazing people for the future of this church. We also want to thank the parents of these amazing kids. You all have done a wonderful job and it shows in the kids. Thanks again from the bottom our hearts.




Also it was another successful Easter Breakfast this year. The youth group did an amazing job and we actually had a full kitchen of helpers. Thank you to all that came and supported the breakfast and a huge thanks and shout out to our amazing cook Terri Mehtala. It was fun and very tasty.


The kids that helped were: Ari Persons, Abby Dolsen, Eathon Basinski, Derrick Mattson, Garrett Lickiss, Kayla Sirard, James Zauhar, Luke Persons, Alyssa Lawrence, Ariel Grymala, Ryan Bartley and Brandon Mattson.




The youth donated all of the proceeds and what other things came in from the Easter Breakfast towards the bathroom remodel – which came to a total of $606.25. Good job kids!!!




Thank you all again.


Melissa and Dale


* * Plus thank you to Eathon, James, Derrick, Brandon & Ryan for shoveling the sidewalks.





Please let the office know if you are graduating from high school, college, or Vo-tech. If you want to include any future plans to go with your name & institution, that would be great, too. We are interested in keeping up with our youth. Deadline for June newsletter is May 15. Either call, mail, e-mail your name to the office.







Thank You!


Thank you to Tim & Julie McLaren for replacing the glass on the front doors of the church. The windows that make the cross on the door was falling apart. They have replaced it and it looks so much better. Thanks again Tim & Julie!











Fruit of The Spirit Cookbooks


Cost of the cookbooks is $7.00. These make good wedding, shower and birthday gifts or just because gifts. See Judy or Pastor in the church office to buy yours. We are down to almost 3 boxes. Don't wait to get yours! Even get some extra and put away for future gifts.











Just a reminder that we have E-Givings here at Bethel. You can have it set up to come out every week or just once a month. There are forms on the table by the front doors of the church. If you have any questions talk to Lou Kuhlman at 715-394-4343. You wouldn't have to write a check, look for your envelope, look for a stamp if you want to mail your offering in.




It is the offerings that everyone gives to Bethel that keeps our doors open. Without YOU there wouldn't be a Bethel.





Mothers Day Celebration


Will be held on Wednesday, May 4th at 6:00 p.m. A Chicken Dinner is being catered by Upper Deck. Lois Nelson will be selling Tickets. Adults - $9; Children 5-10- $5; 4 and under free. No tickets will be sold at the door.











Congratulations and Happy 57th Wedding Anniversary to Roger and Kathy Krisak. They were married on April 25th, 1959.









May quarters


Quarters put into the offering plates in May will go to the Douglas County Humane Society to be used for supplies for the dogs, cats and other animals at the shelter. Please be generous with your quarters. Thank You!







May Mission


During May we will be collecting supplies for Harbor House, a shelter for women & children. Most needed are paper products, gently used sheets, towels and pillows. Put items in the tub in the narthex & they will be delivered. Thank you!









Handicap Parking


A new handicap parking sign has gone up on John Avenue south of the fire hydrant. As you walk past this space on the way to church, give God thanks that you are able to walk unaided!











Bathroom Remodel


Our bathrooms off the fellowship hall have been expanded and are fully functional. Yet to be added is a changing table. Mark Lach Construction & Design did the work & was very accommodating for church events using the fellowship hall during construction. Please note that the men's room is now the ladies room & the ladies room is now the men's room. The flooring matches the fellowship hall & was provided by the BLCW. To meet space requirements, the kitchen wall was moved about 18 inches. We received an interest free loan to have the bathrooms done at the time & that loan must be repaid.











Rummage Sale


Bethel has scheduled a rummage sale at the church during South End Days, July 15 & 16. We are looking for an overall coordinator. As you do your spring cleaning, set aside a box for the rummage sale. Please do not bring things for the sale until July.











Little Free Library


Our Little Free Library attached to the flag pole is used a great amount. People are able to browse through the library & then take books home to enjoy. There is not checkout of any kind. We are currently in need of adult & children's books to stock the library. If you have books lying around the house, consider sharing them with the readers of our community. Just bring books to church & they will be put out when needed. Jann Newman coordinates our library. Thank you Jann!













Pentecost Sunday


May 15th is Pentecost Sunday. Pentecost Sunday is one of the three major festivals of the Christian Church. Easter & Christmas are the other two. Pentecost commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the church. We read the story in Acts 2. Pentecost is always 50 days after Easter. Because Easter is a movable holiday, so is Pentecost. Traditionally the color of Pentecost is read. As we celebrate the birthday of the church on May 15, let us wear red to celebrate the birthday of the church and to remind us of the coming of the Holy Spirit to breathe life into the church.



















Confirmation Instruction


Classroom confirmation instruction for this school year has ended. Students, be sure that you are current on your requirements. Make sure that when you fill out your worship reports that you give the date as well as your name. Please use either black or blue ink. Remember to hand them in or put them in the box in the narthex. You cannot get credit for work done if you don't hand them in. We will continue to need acolytes for every service throughout the summer. During the summer, I will assign dates for acolyting. Thank You to those who have turned in your sheets for the summer of when you will be gone. These help greatly when assigning dates. If you are assigned a date that you cannot make, please find a substitute and let the office know.




Confirmation Day is scheduled for October 9th, 2016. Students who have completed two years of instruction and have completed their work will be confirmed. Class time for those students begins September 14. These students are Ari Persons, Luke Persons, Abby Dolsen and Ali Malec.











Lawn Mowing


Bright yellow dandelions are blooming for several days now. The daffodils are budded out and tulips will soon be budding as well. That means that lawns will soon need to be mowed. There is a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board by the coffee window. Usually the church and parsonage lawns can be mowed in an hour. The church provides the mower & gas, or you may bring your own. We do not have a weed whip to trim around the buildings & gardens. Thank You to all who mow!!







Bible Study


The Bible Study Group will meet on Tuesday, May 10 in the fellowship hall at 6:00 p.m. We will be reading and discussing Acts 25. All are welcome to come!