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October 2014


Bethel Lutheran Church

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The Bethel Beacon October 2014




October is the month that Bethel Lutheran Church was founded. A group of women joined together to form a Ladies Aid. They worked hard for many years to bring a worshiping community to the Scandinavians in South Superior. It took another five years before The First Norwegian Danish Lutheran Church of South Superior (Bethel) was incorporated. 

In this anniversary month, what has Bethel meant to you? As I am out in the community, I often hear that Bethel is where people were baptized, that Bethel is where people married. Many remember spending their Sunday School years at Bethel and some remember their Sunday School teachers. Many bring their children to Bethel to be baptized. Occasionally I hear that this was grandma's church so they want to have their children baptized here. 

Those are all important times in the life of people, in the life of this church. But what about the many years in between those milestone moments. What does Bethel mean in the ordinary days? 

The cross on the steeple has been lit for 74 years. The neon cross on the steeple has shined in South Superior since 1940. Bethel is known as the church of the shining cross. Tubes have been replaced throughout the years, but the neon has shined bright throughout the years. A couple of years ago, a neighbor stopped by with a picture he had taken on a cloudy afternoon with the cross framed by the clouds Recently I did a funeral for a lady that grew up in the shadow of the cross . . . growing up on Ogden Avenue, a half block from that cross.

In this anniversary month, I would like to challenge you to think about the cross on our steeple & what it means to your life. What would have it been like if the cross was not a part of your life? What would it mean if Bethel had not been a part of your life? What influences has Bethel had in your life? What does the story of Jesus mean to your life?

Recently I was hospitalized. As I was recovering, many people told me that they were praying for me. There is great power in prayer. I hope that you have an active prayer life . . . not just for those who are having medical emergencies, but thanking God in all things. In my first parish, we have a neighbor that was unable to attend worship because of some health issues, but every Saturday evening he would call and tell me that he was praying for me as I prepared for Sunday worship. That was a great feeling to know that power of prayer, that I was not alone in preparing for worship. 

You are great witnesses. How have you witnessed your faith to your children? How have you witnessed your faith to this community of faith? How has this church influenced you?

Saying Prayers,

Pastor Gary








This month's Newsletter sponsorship:

By Dan Breneman







October Worship Services






October 5 - 9:00 a.m.


October 12 - 9:00 a.m.


October 19 - 9:00 a.m.


October 26 - 9:00 a.m.






2015 God's Creation Calendars


They are here! The youth will again be selling these wonderful calendars. The cost this year is $7.00 each. A wonderful calendar with a great price. They make wonderful gifts too. See one of the confirmation students (they will be getting them soon) or stop by the office and pick one up. Money raised from the sale goes to youth programming. Thanks to everyone for your support!



Bethel Lutheran Church Council Minutes September 11, 2014


The Bethel Lutheran Church Council meeting was called to order by Vice President Dan Breneman at 7:00 p.m. Also present: Pastor Gary

Garnatz, Pam Askegaard, Adam Kuhlman, Delores Bartley, Byron Selbrede, Lorraine Urbaniak, Joyce Klick, Andrea Buvarp and Sue Connolly.


Pastor Gary opened with prayer and devotions: Psalm 121

Motion was made by Delores and seconded by Adam to approve the August minutes as written. All in favor, approved.


Pastor's Report: Acts: Baptism: Gavin Wagenbach on August 16; Hadley Johnson on August 17; and Clara Eliason on August 24.

Wedding: Julie Kiminski and Tim McLaren on August 22. Funerals: Marlene Anderson on August 27; Sandy Little on September 2. Business:

October Quarters: NOW (Nutrition on Weekends) October Mission: Operation Christmas Child and the boxes will be collected in

November. Baptisms will continue as two more scheduled for September and two more needing dates. Anointing Service is October 26.

Bloodmobile will be here September 16. Finances: BLCW gave the church a $500 donation and will give the church the proceeds from the

Salad Bar on September 17. Apple Pies will be made October 19, Julie Foerst will head this up. Pies will sell for $7 each. Ingredients are

donate. Community Dinner will be September 14 with Gary & Julia Blaisdell coordinating.


Deacons Report: Busy with the baptisms and visitation lists. October 12 is Confirmation Sunday.


Treasurer's Report: Offering is up a little bit can always need money. August bills are starting to get paid.


Trustees Report: The youth wing door needs replacement. The city of Superior will be out to repair the sidewalk next summer.


Board of Parish Ed. Report: Andrea Buvarp is working on the Sunday School curriculum and staffing. We are still in need of a

superintendent. Julia Blaisdell is working to coordinate the shepherds. Andrea asked for funds allocated in the search of new interesting

curriculum; Pastor offered funds from the youth group account, the amount agreed on was $200.


BLCW: VP Pamela Askegaard has stepped up to take the Presidential seat for the remainder of the year. January the officer seats will be

re-examined as to who will occupy the seats. The Salad Bar to be held on September 17, proceeds to be given to the general fund of the

church. October Bazaar on Saturday, October 25. Sue Connolly has found a person to do the fellowship floor for a lower price. She will look

into the details further.



Youth Report: Pop machine continues to have issues, repairman was out and got it to work for a short time and then the machine stopped

working properly again. Dale Kuhlman is working on finding the answer and repairman for a permanent repair.


Old Business:


New Business: Fund-raising for the general fund is being discussed. Need a fund-raising Committee to organize and plan such events.

Ideas are: Soup dinner, Chili dinner, and pancake breakfast. In April will be the Rummage Sale, need an organizer. Planning a Fat Tuesday

event February 17, need organizer, Adam Kuhlman will write up an article for the newsletter and posters. Need fund-raising events organizer

for the next year.


Byron motion to adjourn, Delores seconded. Meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted, Pam Askegaard, Bethel Lutheran Church Council Secretary







October Sunday Service Bible Readings


October 5 – Seventeenth Sunday after Pentecost

Psalm 80: 7-15

1st Lesson: Isaiah 5: 1-7

2nd Lesson: Philippians 3: 4-14

Gospel: Matthew 21: 33-46


October 12 – Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost

Psalm 23

1st Lesson: Isaiah 25: 1-9

2nd Lesson: Philippians 4: 1-9

Gospel: Matthew 22: 1-14


October 19 – Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost

Psalm 96: 1-13

1st Lesson: Isaiah 45: 1-7

2nd Lesson: 1 Thessalonians 1: 1-10

Gospel: Matthew 22: 15-22


October 26 – Reformation Sunday

Psalm 46

1st Lesson: Jeremiah 31: 31-34

2nd Lesson: Romans 3: 19-28

Gospel: John 8: 31-36








October Assistants


Lectors – 9:00 a.m service


October 5 – Ron Askegaard

October 12 – Nolan Morrison

October 19 – Sue Connolly

October 26 – Adam Kuhlman


Altar Guild:

Cari Reder and Kay Mattson


Communion Assistants:

Joyce Klick and Sue Connolly






August & September

Attendance & Offering

August 24 63 $1,762.00

August 31 56 $2,079.36

September 7 58 $2,760.09

September 14 99 $2,480.22

* Needed each week to make our 2014 proposed budget is $3,391.










October Acolytes


9:00 a.m. Worship


October 5 – Eathon Basinski and Heaven Sullivan

October 12 – Derrick Mattson and Jeffrey Newman

October 19 – Michael Strong and Abby Dolsen

October 26 – Ari Persons and Luke Persons



Below are thank yous from Bethel's Benevolence givings:


Dear CASDA Friends:

Thank you so much for your recent donation of $125. At CASDA, we are privileged to work every day with individuals who

have survived abuse, but because of your help, we are able to provide them with the basic needs necessary to break the

cycle of violence. Your support is truly appreciated.

On behalf of the board, staff and survivors we serve, thank you again for your gift.


Kelly M. Burger, Executive Director



Dear Bethel Lutheran Church,

Thank you for your recent gift of $225.00 to Harbor House Crisis Shelter. Your support is deeply appreciated.

Thanks to your generosity, we will meet our mission to provide hospitable shelter, transitional living and services for

homeless women and families.

The following is a great success story that your partnership helped create. A young mom and her two children entered our

shelter and then our transitional living center. Through her case management work, life skill development, financial literacy

program and educational opportunities. She has secured employment and permanent housing. She sat down with me and

said, “Ms. Barb, I have learned that if I want to have a different life, I need to be different.”

Thank you again for helping Harbor Crisis Shelters be a source of change.

Grace and Peace,

Rev. Barbara Certa-Werner, Executive Director


Bethel Lutheran Church~

Thank you so much for your donation of $250 to Bryant Elementary. We are back in school and will be using the money to

help buy supplies for students in need. We truly appreciate your support!

Thanks, Kate Tesch



Dear Friends,

Thank you for your support of Luther Seminary's Sustaining Fund! Your gift of $365 is crucial to the mission of Luther

Seminary to educate leaders for Christian communities. The Sustaining Fund is a powerful fund-raising tool that allows

Luther Seminary to attract the best students and teachers, create strong programming, keep the cost of tuition down and

support the cost of operating the seminary.

Because of your gift to the this fund. Luther is able to maintain its commitment to sharing God's good news with all of God's


Sincerely, Lisa Cohen, Director of Sustaining Fund



Bethel Lutheran Church,

Thank you for your prayers and gift of 134.75. Your financial contribution helps advance the King's work as your missionaries

(Chris and Kristin McWeeny) bring the Gospel to those least likely to have heard, believed, or benefited from its saving and

transforming power.

The World Mission Prayer League





On behalf of Northwest Wisconsin Community Services Agency, Inc. thank you so much for your kind donation of $225

toward the support of the Solid Rock Safe Haven program. Your contribution is greatly appreciated and will assist us in

meeting the needs of the less fortunate.

Sincerely, Millie Rounsville, CE




Fall Bazaar

This is a reminder from the BLCW that our Fall Bazaar will be held on Saturday, October 25th from 9-1. We encourage

anyone who wishes to participate to bring in handiwork of any kind. So, put the finishing touches on your projects and hunt

for that white elephant stuff. If you have any questions, talk to Carol Farmakes, Jane Staupe or Sandy Breitzmann, they are

the co-chairs to this event. Thank you for your help!




BLCW meeting notes

VP Pamela Askegaard took the President seat for the remainder of the year in memory of Marlene Anderson, the presidential

seat will be official in January as we seek the remainder of the year who will take the officers seat. At this time Pamela

Askegaard will perform both functions. Lois will assist where she is able mostly with callings.

Talked about the Fall Salad Bar to be held September 17th. Sue Connolly, Pam Askegaard and Lois Nelson are doing the

calling for the salads. The proceeds of this event and a small donation go to the church's general fund.

Sue is getting further with the fellowship hall floor replacement that the ladies have been saving for years to do.

Short discussion of the October Bazaar on Saturday, October 25. The Committee to consist of Carol Farmakes, Sandy

Breitzmann and Jane Staupe. Handiwork and other items being created for the Bazaar. Please let the ladies know if you are

making items so they are aware of them.

Ladies mission to the nursing home residents was in discussion, as the Operation Christmas that the Ladies conduct for the

residents and what the gifts shall be. Several ideas mentioned.

The Christmas Social is yet to be scheduled for date and program.

Submitted by Pam Askegaard




Baptized on September 14 here at Bethel was Wyatt John Rasmussen. He was born on May 26, 2014 in Duluth, Minnesota.

His parents are Kevin & Chelsea (Nollet) Rasmussen. Sponsors are Joe & Lisa Zallar.







Marlene Gem Anderson passed away on August 22, 2014. Her funeral was here at Bethel on August 27.

Sandy Lee Little passed away on August 27, 2014. Her funeral was here at Bethel on September 2.

Roger Garnatz passed away on September 14, 2014. His funeral was in Lanesboro, Minnesota on September 18.

Blessed be their memories.




October Quarters

Quarters put in the offering plates in October will be going to NOW. NOW stands for Nutrition on Weekends and it sends

back packs of food for weekends for those students who may not have food the days that they are not in school. Because of

storage issues, NOW is accepting money only so food may be sent home with children who are hungry here in Superior.




October Mission

October Mission will be Operation Christmas Child. The colorful red & green boxes are available in the Narthex or the church

office. Brochures telling us what to put in the boxes are also available. This program, run through Samaritans Purse, sends

shoe boxes of small gifts to children in 100 different countries, include the U.S., this year. Fill the boxes at home, pray over

it, and bring it to church before November 9th. Boxes will be collected & prayed over at worship on November 9th.




Apple Pies

We will be making apple pies again this year. On October 18th we will start peeling apples about 8:00 a.m. We have some

apple peelers & knives. If you prefer a certain knife, bring it along that day. As soon as enough apples have been peeled, we

will begin making crusts and putting together pies. Both freezers will be plugged in. Last year we made 171 pies. Still in need

of some supplies (flour, sugar, buttery flavored Crisco and apples). Coffee will be on at 8:00. Will stop for mid-morning break

and for lunch. Pies will cost $7 again this year. Any questions talk to Julie Foerst.


Lawn Mowing

Thank you to Roger Breitzmann, Gary Blaisdell and Michael Strong for mowing the lawn the past few weeks. It is hard to

believe this season is coming to an end already. We will have to watch and see if it needs it before winter sets in. Thanks

again to everyone who has mowed this summer.

Thank you to Roger Breitzmann for trimming parsonage shrubs and hauling away the brush. He found a large wasp nest in

the crab apple tree, but managed to avoid a sting!




Community Dinner

Thank you to everyone who helped in any way with the community dinner. Without all of you, we here at Bethel wouldn't be

able to put on the dinner. Too many names to mention but thanks again for your help. We served about 85 people.

Gary & Julia Blaisdell







Sunday School News

Thank you to everyone for your patience as we start our new year. We are new at this so we are learning the ropes as we go.

Our teachers are:

Pre-K & Kindergarten – Melissa Hagen, Maaliyah Brooks and Joyce Klick

1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th grades – Tiffany Hagen and Ryan Bartley

5th & 6th grades – Eathon Basinski and Joe Graves

7th & 8th grades – Laurie Dolsen and Darla Bartley

We are still looking for Shepherds – if you are interested please contact Julia Blaisdell.

Andrea Buvarp has been working on trying to organize staff and students for Sunday School. We are still in need of a

superintendent. If you are interested please talk to Pastor or Andrea.



Anointing Service

Our next anointing service will be held at worship on Sunday, October 26. There will be two anointing stations, one at the

front and one at the back of the church. Pastor and the deacons will be at the anointing stations. As you come forward for

anointing, please give the anointers your name. Yes, we know most of you, but sometimes we have brain freeze and can't

think of it. As you prepare for this service, please read & meditate on Psalm 23, especially the words, “thou anointest my

head with oil”. As we are anointed, we entrust ourselves to God's care, knowing that healing comes in many forms other

than what we hope or expect.



Confirmation Update

9th graders (3rd years students) – pictures will be taken on Wednesday, October 8 by Meronek's Studios. Pictures will be

taken at 4:00. This day will also be a time of rehearsal for the Confirmation Service. If you all come right after school, we

can be done a bit early.


7th & 8th graders (1st & 2nd year students) – We will meet on Wednesday, October 1 at 4:00 in the sanctuary of the church.

We will discuss duties for the acolytes, we will rehearse lighting of the candles, and we will rehearse helping with

communion. Yes, you students who have acolyted for a year need to come to this rehearsal as well. Class begins on

Wednesday, October 15 in the confirmation room. This year we will be studying the Bible. Bring your Bibles to class each

week. The Bible will be our textbook. Begin learning the books of the Bible. This will help you in navigating the Bible.



Bible Study

The Bible Study group will meet on Tuesday, October 14 at 6:00. Please read Acts 9: 31-43. Because Pastor was ill, the last

month's discussion was not held. We will look at the early church from Acts 9.




Help is Needed!


Are you who we are looking for?


As was stated in the council minutes we are looking into doing some fund – raising to help with church funds.


Some ideas are soup dinner, chili dinner, pancake breakfast, fat Tuesday (planned for February 17), etc.

Also someone to organize the Rummage Sale in April. If you are interested in doing any of these. Please

talk to any of the Trustees, Adam Kuhlman, Byron Selbrede, Shelby Holen or Pastor Gary.